Me, Myself, and Mom

Now that we have come to the end of our blogging challenge, I think it’s time to look back on all the things that I got to do. From the first day with blogs and the designing process, to the eight posts (plus one page) that I have created. One of those posts was school based, and I found that I liked writing more when the challenge was sort of open ended. Writing is supposed to be spontaneous, and I liked it when there weren’t as many rules. I think I got all of eight comments from other people, which is fewer than I wish. I could’ve asked more people to check out my blog but I was more interested in the writing part of these challenges. I loved writing poetry because I feel like that’s something I’m good at. At first, I changed the design of my blog again and again because I wanted it to be different but simple and once I finally found something that was like that, I stuck with it. I have seven widgets on my blog, I did only what I was asked to do because I didn’t want my blog getting cluttered. For the most part, I think my blog design turned out pretty good.



My Mom’s Audit on My Blog ~

My first impression of this blog was that it was very organized, and I enjoyed all of the pictures that were shown throughout the posts. Something that caught my eye was all the widgets on the side of the blog including the voki. Nothing really distracted me, I found everything on this blog interesting. The only thing that I think needs a little help would be to add more color to the blog to make it catch your eye even more.

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