And the Winner Is…

This week’s challenge is all about great blogs. Sure, I could just nominate a person from my own class or school. But why not be a little random? As I was looking through the Flipboard magazine I stumbled across a very amazing blog post about Equality. One of those problems in the world that people try to fight for, and let me tell you, this girl gets it. Brooke ( a 13 year old girl that lives in Canada,) is an absolutely amazing writer with a strong opinion. That’s what I love about her blog, she sticks to who she is. Not faking any traits, but being completely genuine and real. We share a lot of the same music interests and the background of her blog is my life in a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format.) So out of all the blogs that I have seen, it is very much my favorite and you should definitely check it out.


~Hayden x.

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