I’ll Be Happy Too

It’s scary to think about
Whether or not it will all work out
Being here for a reason but not quite knowing it 
Hoping to find out even just a little bit
It’s not the future that we are afraid of 
Nor the present that we fear 
But repeating  the moments in the past that seem so near 
Will I make it out there
On my own
Will my fate forever be unknown 
The choices that I make about today
Are they going to make my life go that
Or this way
What do I want to do
The decisions  are to hard to make
Will I find something that I love
Or will my heart ache
I want to entertain
Through acting, music, writing or more 
Will I ever figure it out
What I am here for
I want to inspire 
Change some minds along the way 
Be a person that is looked up too
And teach people that everything will be okay
Will I be someone’s hero 
By being there for them when they are down 
Giving out smiles to people who frown 
I want to make others happy
That’s all I choose to do 
I know that if I do just this
Then I’ll be happy too
~ Hayden x.


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