By looking at some photos of other class rooms around the world, I realize how fortunate I am. It seems like nowadays kids at my school are always complaining about it. For other kids, school is the most important thing in their world. Waking up early in the morning isn’t exactly the hardest thing those kids have to conquer. I know that education is a big part of being “successful” so I would go to school in any of the class rooms if it meant that I got to learn. On each picture there is a percentage for youth literacy, which is a percentage of the total number of people who can read and write with understanding. I have added a picture of a primary school in Ethiopia that has a youth literacy percentage of 44.6 and another picture of a school in Russia with a 99.7 ¬†youth literacy percentage. It’s very sad to see the difference between two schools when everyone deserves a good education,. I feel that something could be done about this. I want to make a change to where every kid that REALLY wants it, can get equal amounts of education in a good environment. Maybe someone out there is already trying to but I want to help out somehow. While most kids are complaining about going to school but getting a good education, others are not and doing good in school is their only goal. I know life isn’t fair, but this should be an exception.

~Hayden x.

School in Russia with a 99.7 youth literacy percentage

School in Russia with a 99.7 youth literacy percentage

School in Ethiopia with a 44.6 youth literacy percentage

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