Someone to go to

What does leadership mean to you
A person that never backs down when they see what is true
Tells it straight forward and means it all too
Patient and steady with every challenge they bear
Handling it all with courage and care
Moving forward with all that is right
Even when doubted for why they would fight
Hoping for fairness but bracing for war
Sees an opportunity and opens up doors
No dream is too big, no goal too high
Not always perfect but willing to try
Uses their talent in times of despair
when most other people wouldn’t even dare
Someone that keeps an open mind
and helps out others when they are confined
Dreaming of a world of kindness
where people can know that the value of love is priceless
Putting other’s needs in front of their own
making sure people are never alone
So what does leadership mean to you
It’s a person that always there
someone to go to

~Hayden x.

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