The Concert Experience

The music pulses through my veins as I jump up and down
No way in a place like this, someone could wear a frown
Index and pinky finger extend from my palm
To show the sign where all the true rockers come from
Ticket stub in the pocket of my black skinny jeans
All these guys are doing is living their dreams
From the start of the show to the curtain call
The volume didn’t fall at all
I hear the soundtrack to my life with stars in my eyes
Bodies clash as vocals rise
In front of me are my heroes of today
As the music continues to play
Under the summer sun the final song plays out
As the crowd gives one more scream and shout
When the artists take a bow
The only word that comes to mind is ‘wow’
As silent conversation takes over, the sky has turned grey
If only i could always feel this way
On top of the world without a care
All the while confetti floats through the air

~Hayden x.


Press play to hear a roaring crowd and experience what it might feel like to be at a real live concert.

Photo Credit: MelissaRose14 via Compfight cc

5SOS is my favorite band.

An audience member’s point of view at a 5 Seconds of Summer concert.

3 thoughts on “The Concert Experience

  1. Hey Hayden,
    I LOVE 5SOS!!! i cant believe you went to their concert!
    I really liked the review you wrote about it.
    What is your favourite song by them?
    Mine is ‘she looks so perfect’ or ‘heartbreak girl’
    Can you check out my blog and leave a comment?
    Anastasia xx

  2. Anastasia,
    I actually haven’t been to one of there concerts yet, but I’m going in September!!! I really like ‘Heart Ache on the Big Screen’ but all of there music is great! Hey, if you want me to, I can put your blog link on MY blog so some of my classmates could check it out too?

    -Hayden x.

  3. Hey,
    I want to go to their concert but i cant 🙁

    I would love for you to put my link on your blog, i will do the same thing for you. But i am on holidays right now, so i might do it when i go back to school 🙂

    I am really happy that you came across my blog, you seem so nice and we have a lot of the same interest’s. it is such a shame that i live on the other side of the world 🙁

    -Anastasia xx

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