The Beautiful State of Oregon

In the great green state of Oregon there are many attractions and new things to explore. From the stormy beaches to the rainy days, Oregon is a great place to come! If you are looking to go to a fun place with kids, the Portland Children’s Museum has family fun exhibits, birthday party rooms, and you can even take classes there. Oregon is known for the beautiful scenery and a great place to check that out is at the Crater Lake National Park. The deep blue lake is surrounded by almost two- thousand feet high cliffs and has two picturesque islands. If you are looking to catch up on some sports you can take a trip up to Autzen Stadium during football season ( Spring Scrimmage is @ Autzen Stadium 05/03/14 at 11:00 am)  to have the time of your life at a college game. While in Oregon you can explore communities of animals at the Portland Zoo, or on a smaller scale, you can make your way to Wildlife Safari. From the Sea Lion Caves, to Enchanted Forest, Oregon is full of family fun attractions and much much more.




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1. How many islands are there in Crater Lake?


2. When is the Spring Scrimmage for the Oregon Ducks and where?


3. Where is one place that you can go and see some animals?


4. According to this post, what is Oregon’s weather like most of the time?


Answers~ (1) two islands  (2) 05/03/14 at Autzen Stadium  (3) Wildlife Safari OR the Portland Zoo  (4) Rainy

Autzen Stadium, home of the oregon Ducks.

Autzen Stadium, home of the oregon Ducks.

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