Me, Myself, and Mom

Now that we have come to the end of our blogging challenge, I think it’s time to look back on all the things that I got to do. From the first day with blogs and the designing process, to the eight posts (plus one page) that I have created. One of those posts was school based, and I found that I liked writing more when the challenge was sort of open ended. Writing is supposed to be spontaneous, and I liked it when there weren’t as many rules. I think I got all of eight comments from other people, which is fewer than I wish. I could’ve asked more people to check out my blog but I was more interested in the writing part of these challenges. I loved writing poetry because I feel like that’s something I’m good at. At first, I changed the design of my blog again and again because I wanted it to be different but simple and once I finally found something that was like that, I stuck with it. I have seven widgets on my blog, I did only what I was asked to do because I didn’t want my blog getting cluttered. For the most part, I think my blog design turned out pretty good.



My Mom’s Audit on My Blog ~

My first impression of this blog was that it was very organized, and I enjoyed all of the pictures that were shown throughout the posts. Something that caught my eye was all the widgets on the side of the blog including the voki. Nothing really distracted me, I found everything on this blog interesting. The only thing that I think needs a little help would be to add more color to the blog to make it catch your eye even more.

And the Winner Is…

This week’s challenge is all about great blogs. Sure, I could just nominate a person from my own class or school. But why not be a little random? As I was looking through the Flipboard magazine I stumbled across a very amazing blog post about Equality. One of those problems in the world that people try to fight for, and let me tell you, this girl gets it. Brooke ( a 13 year old girl that lives in Canada,) is an absolutely amazing writer with a strong opinion. That’s what I love about her blog, she sticks to who she is. Not faking any traits, but being completely genuine and real. We share a lot of the same music interests and the background of her blog is my life in a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format.) So out of all the blogs that I have seen, it is very much my favorite and you should definitely check it out.


~Hayden x.

I’ll Be Happy Too

It’s scary to think about
Whether or not it will all work out
Being here for a reason but not quite knowing it 
Hoping to find out even just a little bit
It’s not the future that we are afraid of 
Nor the present that we fear 
But repeating  the moments in the past that seem so near 
Will I make it out there
On my own
Will my fate forever be unknown 
The choices that I make about today
Are they going to make my life go that
Or this way
What do I want to do
The decisions  are to hard to make
Will I find something that I love
Or will my heart ache
I want to entertain
Through acting, music, writing or more 
Will I ever figure it out
What I am here for
I want to inspire 
Change some minds along the way 
Be a person that is looked up too
And teach people that everything will be okay
Will I be someone’s hero 
By being there for them when they are down 
Giving out smiles to people who frown 
I want to make others happy
That’s all I choose to do 
I know that if I do just this
Then I’ll be happy too
~ Hayden x.



By looking at some photos of other class rooms around the world, I realize how fortunate I am. It seems like nowadays kids at my school are always complaining about it. For other kids, school is the most important thing in their world. Waking up early in the morning isn’t exactly the hardest thing those kids have to conquer. I know that education is a big part of being “successful” so I would go to school in any of the class rooms if it meant that I got to learn. On each picture there is a percentage for youth literacy, which is a percentage of the total number of people who can read and write with understanding. I have added a picture of a primary school in Ethiopia that has a youth literacy percentage of 44.6 and another picture of a school in Russia with a 99.7  youth literacy percentage. It’s very sad to see the difference between two schools when everyone deserves a good education,. I feel that something could be done about this. I want to make a change to where every kid that REALLY wants it, can get equal amounts of education in a good environment. Maybe someone out there is already trying to but I want to help out somehow. While most kids are complaining about going to school but getting a good education, others are not and doing good in school is their only goal. I know life isn’t fair, but this should be an exception.

~Hayden x.

School in Russia with a 99.7 youth literacy percentage

School in Russia with a 99.7 youth literacy percentage

School in Ethiopia with a 44.6 youth literacy percentage

Someone to go to

What does leadership mean to you
A person that never backs down when they see what is true
Tells it straight forward and means it all too
Patient and steady with every challenge they bear
Handling it all with courage and care
Moving forward with all that is right
Even when doubted for why they would fight
Hoping for fairness but bracing for war
Sees an opportunity and opens up doors
No dream is too big, no goal too high
Not always perfect but willing to try
Uses their talent in times of despair
when most other people wouldn’t even dare
Someone that keeps an open mind
and helps out others when they are confined
Dreaming of a world of kindness
where people can know that the value of love is priceless
Putting other’s needs in front of their own
making sure people are never alone
So what does leadership mean to you
It’s a person that always there
someone to go to

~Hayden x.

I Promise

Without music, life would be a mistake. It’s what I do, who I am. It’s a type of art with pitch and melody, harmony and rhythm. Moving you to tears, or being the soundtrack to an everlasting memory. It’s a therapy that can heal any broken heart and make it whole again. Music makes you have a small feeling that everything will be okay. A sign not to worry. The only thing I can control in my life is coming up with lyrics or playing a guitar. There is no right or wrong. You can’t make mistakes. It’s the closest thing I have to an escape from reality, and sometimes you need that escape. A get away, when you yank on your headphones and close your eyes. There are times when it’s the only thing that can distract you from your own thoughts. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Music is its own culture, with a language that we all understand. It can change the way you see something or someone, it gives you a new perspective. Don’t stop listening to music, because it gets you through everything, I promise.

~Hayden x.




Memories are a person’s story. They are the things that sit in the corners of your mind, the things that we did in the past. Good and bad, you are “ reliving” facts, events, and impressions that you once experienced. Some people push them away, but our memories make us who we are. Some show how strong you are, while others tell the incredible stories of your most prized moments. From the first time you sang in front of a crowd, to a recollection of when you met your best friend. They stay with us forever, popping up while we lay in bed at night trying to fall asleep. Memory is remembrance. They can be the monsters of our imagination gnawing at your thoughts. They can be an angel on your shoulder, maintaining your sanity and giving you something to be proud about. It seems like the worst memories stick with us though. While the nice ones always seem to slip through our fingers. Memories are like bullets. Some only whiz by, missing you by an inch, while others can tear you open and leave you in pieces. Memories are a person’s story.


– Hayden x.


The Concert Experience

The music pulses through my veins as I jump up and down
No way in a place like this, someone could wear a frown
Index and pinky finger extend from my palm
To show the sign where all the true rockers come from
Ticket stub in the pocket of my black skinny jeans
All these guys are doing is living their dreams
From the start of the show to the curtain call
The volume didn’t fall at all
I hear the soundtrack to my life with stars in my eyes
Bodies clash as vocals rise
In front of me are my heroes of today
As the music continues to play
Under the summer sun the final song plays out
As the crowd gives one more scream and shout
When the artists take a bow
The only word that comes to mind is ‘wow’
As silent conversation takes over, the sky has turned grey
If only i could always feel this way
On top of the world without a care
All the while confetti floats through the air

~Hayden x.


Press play to hear a roaring crowd and experience what it might feel like to be at a real live concert.

Photo Credit: MelissaRose14 via Compfight cc

5SOS is my favorite band.

An audience member’s point of view at a 5 Seconds of Summer concert.

The Beautiful State of Oregon

In the great green state of Oregon there are many attractions and new things to explore. From the stormy beaches to the rainy days, Oregon is a great place to come! If you are looking to go to a fun place with kids, the Portland Children’s Museum has family fun exhibits, birthday party rooms, and you can even take classes there. Oregon is known for the beautiful scenery and a great place to check that out is at the Crater Lake National Park. The deep blue lake is surrounded by almost two- thousand feet high cliffs and has two picturesque islands. If you are looking to catch up on some sports you can take a trip up to Autzen Stadium during football season ( Spring Scrimmage is @ Autzen Stadium 05/03/14 at 11:00 am)  to have the time of your life at a college game. While in Oregon you can explore communities of animals at the Portland Zoo, or on a smaller scale, you can make your way to Wildlife Safari. From the Sea Lion Caves, to Enchanted Forest, Oregon is full of family fun attractions and much much more.




(Scroll to see answers)


1. How many islands are there in Crater Lake?


2. When is the Spring Scrimmage for the Oregon Ducks and where?


3. Where is one place that you can go and see some animals?


4. According to this post, what is Oregon’s weather like most of the time?


Answers~ (1) two islands  (2) 05/03/14 at Autzen Stadium  (3) Wildlife Safari OR the Portland Zoo  (4) Rainy

Autzen Stadium, home of the oregon Ducks.

Autzen Stadium, home of the oregon Ducks.